Lodown Magazine


Unless... unless what?
I mean... is there anyone who cares?
Personally speaking, I am really fed up by all this crap that is coming through the channels.
Social media does not offer a type of elevation; somehow it just keeps me from thinking.
Consume and Control, that’s all this is about.
What does not offer feedback is off the grid and downright not happening, so you are probably asking yourself why are you still holding this non-responsive magazine in your hands? It’s an artefact, right? But there are still some people who believe in diversity and autonomy. I am firing against those who are destroying it!
Just like back in the days, I say, “Wankers suck our Style!” Stay street smart.


Thomas Marecki
Editors Chris Rambow, Sven Fortmann
Art Directors Yue-Shin Lin, Jil Leister