LODOWN Magazine


Once a year Lodown Magazine releases an anual Art Issue.
After DTP, VALUE, SPEED, TRANSIENCE and VEHICULE  the theme for the 2014 edition was “Mystery”.

Derived from the Middle English word mysterie, from the Latin word mysterium, or from the Ancient Greek μυστήριον (mustḗrion, “a mystery, a secret, a secret rite”), from μύστης (mústēs, “initiated one”), from μυέω (muéō, “I initiate”), from μύω (múō, “I shut”).

Something secret or unexplainable; an unknown.

The truth behind this endeavor remains a mystery – it is something with an obscure or puzzling nature. A particular event of randomness in the life of Brian. The second decade of the Rosary concerns the sorrowful mysteries, such as the perpetual war of mankind.

A secret religious celebration, to which none were admitted except those who had been initiated dating back to the Eleusinian mysteries.

In The Arts Without Mystery, Denis Donoghue argues that modern society’s commitment to science and rational explanation has tended to bleed the arts of their most powerful asset—what he calls their “mystery”—and has thus rendered them “safe” and, in an important sense, beside the point. If we give the term “mystery” a wide berth, it is difficult not to agree. For if the arts were once valued as vehicles of truth, articulating insights that transcend our conceptual grasp, they are no longer. The modern conception of reality has relieved the arts of this lofty charge, relegating them to the status of “superior amusements,” mere aesthetic games.


Publisher Thomas Marecki
Editors Chris Rambow, Sven Fortmann
Art Director Yue-Shin Lin, Jil Leister