A Retrospective


Art remains the principal cause incentivising the designer to appropriated coherences from different angles in order to come to new solutions. As pictures come into being through various impressions and conceptions, independent from spontaneity and the fact that it will always remain subjective, I acknowledged the importance of adding statements, quotes and explanations in a separate reference book.

In contrast to brush and paint, photography can merely reflect the existent.
It can capture and visualise what I can see.
Photography can frame a moment; more so, it is able to emphasise what otherwise would be overlooked or missed due to negligence. But even the digital picture depends on light, colours, shapes and motives. 

I attempted to select and focus on these basic features, and even tried to accentuate or challenge the given motive in order so as to visually reflect on each epoch and transform it into images.


Creative Boom
Design Made in Germany
It’s Nice That